So, you think that if you vote for Donald, you’re protected.  You believe that any actions he takes will only affect “the other guy.”  Well allow me to explain exactly what Donald Trump will do and who it will affect if he is reelected.

Donald will repeal the 22nd amendment, allowing him to serve as president for as long as he lives.

Donald will take control of the media.  What you see and hear will be filtered through his lens.  Every station will be a Fox News Station that lauds and applauds Donald’s pronouncements.  The only voice you hear, the only facts you will be afforded, will be those approved by Donald Trump.

The internet will be controlled by the Trump administration.  There will only be one truth: that espoused by Donald Trump.

Mark Zuckerberg will happily champion Donald in order to maintain his dominate position in social media.  After all, Mark has already provided dictators, fascists, men orchestrating genocides, with a platform to further there sordid agendas.  Hey, he’ll tell you he didn’t do anything wrong.  “It’s just business.” (The same thing Godfather Don Corleone said to his son Michael).

Donald will gut and defund the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the FDA, the CDC, and the EPA.  You and your children will breathe in polluted air and drink water contaminated by lead.  Your children will grow up retarded due to the lead content in the water.  Cases of ischemic heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer and acute lower respiratory infections, strokes, which occur when the blood supply to the brain is cut-off, emphysema, asthma, and other respiratory diseases will sky rocket.

Medicare / Medicaid will be limited in payouts and scope.

The social safety nets of social security, disability, food stamps, rental assistance will either be cut back or

eliminated in their entirety.

Donald will end rebates for electric cars.  He will reward his friends in the gas, oil and the car manufacturing by rolling back the gas mileage regulations, allowing the car industry to pollute at never before heard of levels.

Subsidies for solar power will end.  The focus of the Trump administration will be preserving the coal industry. Coal fired power plants will be the main source of energy for America.  Funding, write-offs, tax abatements for solar and hydropower and wind will come to an end.

Donald will defund FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, leaving them toothless to support local agencies in rebuilding after a hurricane, flood or tornado.  If you live in those areas, you will be on your own.  Just remember what he said to a flood victim in Houston when a boat broke free of its moorings and wound up on his lawn.  “Well. At least you got a nice boat out of the deal.”

The followers, believers in Donald Trump will be the ones most affected by his programs.  These people think they will be immune, protected because of their support for him.  They are delusional.  Donald hates “all” people, not just people of color.  He is a sadist who enjoys seeing others suffer.

Donald will take away the tax exempt status of universities, making it more difficult, If not impossible, to fund the education of worthy, but needy students.

Donald does not believe in man-made global warming.  Maybe you don’t either, or maybe you don’t care.  But your children and their children will grow up in a world where extreme weather will be the norm.  Where the heat will dry up rivers and lakes, where cities will be so hot it will become impossible to remain outside for very long or risk heat stroke or melanoma (as is already the case in some Middle Eastern cities).

What rights you cherish; whatever rights are vital to you,

rest assured that under Donald Trump they will be eviscerated.

The pharmaceutical industry will “own” Donald Trump.  There will be no limitations on what they charge for their medications.  You will no longer be able to sue for wrongful death.  Warnings will no longer be required for drugs with serious side effects and potential dangers.

Only companies that kick back enormous sums to Donald Trump will be free to operate and wreak havoc on the environment and price gouge consumers.

Trump will sell off all National Parks and Federal lands to the oil, gas and pipeline companies.  For those of you who like to hunt, fish and camp, you will no long be able to do so.

If you want to know what life will be like under a free-reigning Trump administration, I suggest you read up on Viktor Orban of Poland, or Kim Jung-un of North Korea, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil or Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus.

If you think that as a member of QAnon, the Proud Boys, the Alt. Rght, White Supremacists, or Neo-Nazis your right to protest will be protected, you are living in a fantasy world.  No one, especially those who could potentially upset Donald’s game plan, will be allowed to operate.  Those groups will be infiltrated by the FBI or Homeland Security and whatever they (you) are planning will be snuffed out before the operation gets to first base.

The goal of an unfettered Trump administration will be total control over what is seen, heard, thought, or planned.

By the time you see this clearly, it will be too late and your fate will be sealed by a man you once thought was on your side.  You see, Donald Trump is on no ones side but his own.

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