When Donald Trump promised to drain the swap, he lied.  I hope that doesn’t surprise you because ever word out of his mouth is a lie. Trump’s government is awash in industry lobbyists.

When General James Mattis resigned as head of the defense dept., Trump installed Mark Esper, a longtime lobbyist for Raytheon, one of the biggest weapons manufacturers.  At his hearings, Sen. Elizabeth Warren brought up the fact that Esper was still be paid with a golden Parachute (a bonus for leaving the company).  He refused to recuse himself from any Pentagon decision to buy Raytheon Products, saying, “It’s wrong to assume anybody that comes from the corporate world is corrupt.”


The Labor Dept is now led by Patrick Pizzela, a former lobbyist who helped industry groups fight wages increases for workers and workers’ rights laws.

Coal Industry lobbyist, Andrew Wheller is gutting America’s environmental regulations at the EPA.  Secretary of the interior, Davis Bernhardt oil lobbyist, is fighting to gut the clean air and clean water acts.


The fact is, every word out of trump’s mouth is a lie.  And it is people who listen to what he says then don’t follow up by learning what he actually did that have allowed this vindictive, lying, thieving, degenerate piece of slim to continue his ruinous policies.


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