Just kidding.  You know the old saying, “Those who forget the lessons of history are bound to repeat them.  Afghanistan has not been conquered for 650 years.

The first historically documented invasion of the Afghanistan region was by Alexander the Great in 330 BC as part of his string of conquests.  Among the cities conquered were Herat and Kandahar.

In the seventh to ninth centuries the area was again invaded from the west in the Islamic conquest of Afghanistan, resulting in the conversion of most of its inhabitants to Islam.

In the Mongol invasion of Khwarezmia (1219—1221), Genghis Khan invaded the region from the northeast in one of his many conquests to create the huge Mongol Empire.

From 1383 to 1385, the Afghanistan area was conquered from the north by Timur, roughly modern-day Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and adjacent areas), and became a part of the Timurid Empire.

That was the last successful invasion of Afghanistan.

The First Anglo-Afghan War took place from 1839-1842.  Arguably the greatest military humiliation ever suffered by the West in the East. The entire British army of what was then the most powerful nation in the world was utterly destroyed by poorly-equipped tribesmen.  On the retreat from Kabul, of the 18,500 who left the British cantonment on 6 January 1842, only one British citizen, the assistant surgeon Dr Brydon, made it through to Jalalabad six days later.

In 1979, Russia went into Afghanistan with 130,000 troops.  They did not have to cross an ocean like America did.  They did not abide by any rules of war.  They killed indiscriminately.  Soviet troops tried to crush the insurgency by various tactics, but the guerrillas generally eluded their attacks.  The Soviets then attempted to eliminate the mujahideen’s civilian support by bombing and depopulating the rural areas.  These tactics sparked a massive flight from the countryside; by 1982 some 2.8 million Afghans had sought asylum in Pakistan, and another 1.5 million had fled to Iran.  The Russians suffered losses of 15,000 men with 1000,000 injured.  The mujahideen were eventually able to neutralize Soviet air power through the use of shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles supplied by the Soviet Union’s Cold War adversary, the United States.

So, what conclusions can we drawn from this?  America disregarded the fact that the country had not been conquered for 650 years, that it had never been conquered by western nations, that it defeated a Soviet army which had more troops in Afghanistan than the US except or two years.

Finally,  the Afghans kept the Stinger missiles the US gave them to fight the Soviets and then used them to down US planes and helicopters.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were George W. Bush’s and Donald Rumsfeld’s wars.   Over 7,000 American soldiers died in both wars.  Over 53,000 wounded: most lost limbs.  Over 30,000 service members committed suicide after returning from the wars.  Four times as many as were killed in the conflicts.

George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld.  May they burn in hell.



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