In just a matter of months, Donald Trump has single-handedly turned America into a second rate power, unwilling, unable to lead the world in efforts to maintain peace, promote trade and further environmental standards.

Pulling America out of the TTP, The Paris Accords, demanding to renegotiate NAFTA and  the abandoning the TPPA, has relinquished our leadership on the world stage, slowed global growth by almost one percentage point, emboldened China and Russia and even caused ridicule to be heaped upon us after being the protector of World Democracy, promoter of free trade, and negotiator of nation conflicts since the end of WWII.

Instead, Russia and China are now staging military maneuvers together.  Every month, China is launching a world-class ship – aircraft carriers and destroyers of similar size to America.  And with Russian technology and capabilities, China’s military will soon equal that of America, especially if a conflict were to take place within the international boundary of China’s territory.

With Trump all but abandoning NATO, Russia and China both feel emboldened and are eyeing new territories: for Russia, the Balkan’s for China, islands in the South Chins Sea.

Taiwan is now up for grabs after Trump abandoned the island after proclaiming North Korea the greatest threat and needing China’s intervention and influence.

If the devil, or an idiot or a lunatic had conspired to do all he could to ruin the standing of America in the world and jeopardize a peace that has stood for 70 years, they could not have done a better job than Donald Trump.


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