What has been called “America exceptionalism” has, under Donald Trump, been destroyed.  Americans have always believed that our country should lead the world…in space, in science, in integrity, in charity.

But under Donald Trump. The world has been a laggard, not a world leader.

All rich nations knew by early February that the Covid-19 threat was real.  Germany, South Korea, Singapore and a few other far-sighted countries began a massive testing program, contact tracing, and masking.  South Korea suffered only 225 death compared to over 50,000 in America.

We should not be surprised but Trump’s inaction and lies and pointing blame at others.  He was afraid of the affect the virus would have on his reelection chances and so chose to ignore the threat, hoping it would somehow just go away.

Only when it was clear that it was not going away did Trump finally order testing….6 weeks after other first world countries.  Statisticians and doctors estimate that had Trump began testing as early as the South Korea, Germans and Singaporeans, we would have only experienced only 10% of the death we now see.

Under Donald Trump, America has withdrawn form the world…from NATO, the World Bank, the U.N., from any win/win trade agreements.

Now America has the second highest poverty rate, the highest level of income inequality, and even though we spend far more on health care than any other nation, our life expectancy lags far behind other countries.

Trump does not stand alone in the great effort it took to marginalize America’s leadership and standing in the world.  Mitch McConnell played a key role, polarizing America with his political games where it is more important that the Democrats lose than America wins.  He is mentally ill, a product of lobbyists, graft, underhanded deals, corruption and lies.  He has given Trump the support he needed to ruin the present state of America and destroy its future.

Mitch McConnell has made it impossible to address our most pressing needs.

The only way America is now exception is in the scale of its failure.

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