Because you are a fucking moron.  You slow-talking, fast-drooling, Deliverance Mongoloid, banjo-playing douche bag.  You are, along with all trump supporters, the dumbest people on the face of the Earth.  Do you ever read what Trump actually does as opposed to what he says he does?  Can you even read?  Should I use smoke signals or sign language to communicate with you?  Even though he lies 98% of the time, curses and hates all people of color, you still back him.  The reason for this is that you have never read one word about what he has actually done.


If they gave you an I.Q test you would be classified as an idiot, a retard, with the mental state of a tree sloth, a thumb sucking, tantrum-rousing piece of trailer trash.  A delusional schizophrenic.


They should make people take a test before voting.  If your I.Q. is less than 80 you should not be allowed to vote.  And YOU should not be allowed to vote, your fool.  You believe a man with a 75 I.Q.?  That makes you dumber than Trump.  Quite an accomplishment.

You are pathetic, hopeless.  Yet I’m still going to take the time to list for you exactly what Trump has done in the past even though you probably can’t read or comprehend English.

  • At the age of 17 Donald and his father Fred, marched with the KKK
  • At the age of 21, Donald introduced rats into the apartments of people on rent subsidy living in Fred’s apartment buildings. If that didn’t work, they did construction work at 3 in the morning, driving these poor people out.
  • As 23, Donald and his father were sued by the Justice department for refusing to rent to Black people. You your stupid Black people still voted for him.  Donald said when asked about Blacks, “Don’t trust them, would never let them count my n=money.”
  • At 24, Donald stole the majority of the inheritance from Fred, meant to be evenly distributed to all the children. He then committed tax fraud to escape the inheritance tax.
  • At 30, Donald bought the old Bonwit Teller building and had it torn down to make way for Trump Tower. He used illegal, immigrant labor.  At first, he paid them in cash, then only in vodka, then not at all.  They threatened to sue him.  Donald said, “Go ahead, I will tie you u in court of a thousand years.)  He did and they finally gave up.
  • Donald started a condominium project in Mexico. The way Donald does business is to start a project then pre-sell the units. If he cannot pre-sell enough units, there is not enough money to finish the project.  It went bust before construction was completed.  Donald did not return the money.  The investors sued.  Donald replied, “Read the same print…”If the project is not completed, the principal shall not have to return any money to the investors.”  They still sued.  Donald said, “Go ahead and sure, but you should consider yourselves lucky. If the project went to fruition you would have lost even more.”
  • Donald Trump is broke. He is heavily in debt. He lost all the money ($400 million) he inherited from his father. He lost it all due to poor investments, especially in his Atlantic City  He owns nothing; all his projects are mortgaged to the hilt.  When Deutsche Bank loaned Donald $500 million to build Chicago Trump Towers, which immediately went broke before construction was finished. It was said that they loaned Trump the money because they were the only bank on Earth who did not know Donald was a scam artist.
  • When inaugurated, Donald stole half the money donated for the ceremony.
  • Donald sent in bulldozers to run over the camps of indigenous people (in the middle of a brutal winter) protesting the planned pipe line in North Dakota.  And had the park service turn on water cannons, soaking the protestors while the temperature hovered near zero.  The Standing Rock Sioux tribe believes that the pipeline would put the Missouri River, the water source for the reservation, at risk. Donald knew that the tars sands oil coming from Canada is the most corrosive in the world and would very quickly eat through the pipes, but hey, just give those Indians some blankets infected with smallpox and a few bottles of whiskey and they’ll all go away.
  • Donald slashed the budgets of the FDA, EPA, and CDC which affected the bottom line of the polluting, criminal corporations. Due to the budget cuts, the water is now contaminated with heavy metals, the “legal” drugs killing millions are no longer subject to law suits, the air is polluted by gas, oil, and coal particulates, especially that nasty mercury that causes brain damage in kids, are no longer regulated and they can pump out their poisons without being pestered by those dumb agencies.
  • I’m sure you all know that Trump’s idols are Victor Orban in Hungary, Jar Bolsonaro in Brazil, Kim Jong un in North Korea and Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines. Why should our hero be stifled by stupid institutions like the press and the courts and the law? It’s really unfair.
  • To all you Trumpeters, how does it feel to realize everything you have ever thought about Trump is wrong. How does it feel to support a man who denigrated one of the great war heroes in our history: John McCain?
  • As a staunch Republican, I’m sure you would support Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky. Matt issued 428 pardons between his narrow loss to Democrat Andy Beshear in November and the end of his term as Kentucky His list includes a man convicted of reckless homicide, a convicted child rapist, a man who murdered his parents at age 16 and a woman who threw her newborn in the trash after giving birth in a flea market outhouse.  He also pardoned Dayton Jones, who was convicted in the sexual assault of a 15-year-old boy at a party, Kentucky New Era reported.  Now that’s a man we Republicans can look up to.
  • Say, how about Trump’s buddy, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy who removed almost all the mailboxes from Democratic strongholds in Montana, Louisiana and elsewhere. Leaving one district in Louisiana with one mail box for 1.7 million people. Hey, there’s more than one way to win an election.
  • And hey, how about that Kushner Plan.  Jared finally did something right in his wretched life.  He, and heath care experts, developed a model based on the European state models that were the most successful in controlling the virus.  There were two parts: testing, then tracing.  It was hailed as a monumental effort at a critical time in fighting the pandemic. Of course the plan was dismissed by Donald because at that time he said, “The virus is killing mostly people in the blue states. And we will not institute testing and tracing as long as more Democrats than Republicans are dying”.  You can’t believe that?  Then do your own research you putz.  It’s all there if you lift a single finger or press and single button or read a single page.
  • During the pandemic, Donald said, “There is a good side of the virus; I don’t have to shake hands with those disgusting (you) people.” That’s you he’s talking about, you brainless buffet-busting food vacuum.
  • But wait, you say. See how he’s stood up to China! Look at how tough he’s been on trade and technology theft!    And in response, China has stopped buying American produce and instead buys South American and African produce, putting tens of thousands of farmers out of business, hundreds committed suicide.  When Donald threatened to stop selling computer chips to China, Xi Jinpig spent $1.5 billion dollars to construct a “Chip City,” where he gathered the best minds, gave them unlimited budgets and demanded no immediate profits.  It is estimated that within 2 years, China will be building cheaper, faster chips than Intel, taking away almost all U.S. chip business in the world.
  • Donald opted out of the Iran nuclear deal. With Donald opting out of the Iran nuclear deal, then sanctioning Iran so badly that even medical supplies necessary to deal with the Covid virus, Iran sought help elsewhere. Now China will be Iran’s partner.  Tehran is selling China oil at reduced rates for 25 years and getting $400 billion in infrastructure investment.  The Chinese will hold joint military exercises with Iranian military; develop weapons systems with Iran and share intelligence.  Now, if Iran is attacked by Israel or America, there will be Chinese troops and maintenance people on the ground.  China could respond military or through Cyber warfare.  Instead of being part of the coalition keeping Iran part of the world community, America has pushed Iran into the hands of China.  America will no longer have economic control of Iran because the trades will be outside the U.S. Swift monetary system.  Further, with a massive cash influx, Iran will be able to spend more on its proxies:  Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza who can wreak havoc throughout the Middle East.
  • Mexicans working in America do, for the most part, pay taxes. Yet they are afraid to apply for benefits because they believe it puts them at risk for deportation. So, there is a net gain between money paid in and benefits taken out.  Secondly immigrants commit less crime percentage-wise than S. Citizens do.  From 1990 to 2013, the number of undocumented immigrants in the country tripled from 3.5 million to 11.2 million. Yet during that time, violent crime rates dropped 48% nationwide, according to the report. Using data from the 2010 Census, the report found that 1.6% of foreign-born males are in jail, compared with 3.3% of the native-born population.  Mexicans are risking their lives to enter America to escape the violence that is a direct result of America’s unwillingness to legalize drugs as some Scandinavian countries have done and which has led to a 60% drop in crime, and the closing of 40% of all prisons.  The two fastest growing states (in population) are Texas and California.  They are also the fastest growing states in GNP.  AND…the have the highest percentage of immigrants in the country!  Ouch, there goes your immigration argument.
  • Barak Obama left a 19 page detailed plan for dealing with any virus. This was ignored by Trump.  Starting in December, the CIA, on three separate occasions, informed trump that a pandemic was starting in China and that if nothing was done, millions of American might die.
  • Trump left the WHO, claiming they had botched his efforts to contain the virus, when it was due to his incompetence.
  • Trump said, regarding the Covid, “It will like a miracle and it will just go away.”
  • Hate crimes are up 1,700% under our president, and yes he has shown support for white supremacists and the KKK (which his father was a member of).
  • And Donald apologizes to all those tree-hugging, acorn eating supporters for taking one and half million acres of pristine national forest and turning it over to gas, pipeline  and oil intents.
  • And he feels terrible about slashing job training by 90% for those laid off at a crucial time in our economy.
  • The new book by Donald Trump’s niece (Mary Trump, a renowned psychologist) charges, among other things, that her uncle paid another student to take the SAT test for him.  If it stopped there, it would be easy to dismiss the book as the ramblings of a jealous relative. However, it does not stop there and the woman is far from a person out for revenge.  Mary L. Trump is a is a renown clinical psychologist who lays out a frightening but true story of life in the castle Trump Sr. built. Mary’s father was Donald’s brother.  When the reigns of the business were being passed to the children, Donald displaced Mary’s father, the first born son of Fred and rightful heir to the thrown. The patriarch was, according to Mary, “a high-functioning sociopath.” She claims that the president suffers from multiple, serious psychological disorders.  She said she “was horrified that her uncle turned America into a macro version of his malignantly dysfunctional family. She expresses sympathy for the president, a man who, in his limited ability retains the fragile ego of a child because he knows he has never been loved. When he (Mary’s) father tried to escape the clutches of a family where human value is measure in the ability to dominate others and cheat, Fred Jr. tried to escape to become a pilot but succumbed to alcoholism and died at the age of 42. All though his formative years, Donald failed his way to the top, rescued by his father millions which acted to cover up a continual series of blunders. Through documents in her possession, Mary proved that Donald obtained hundreds of millions of his father’s money through tax frauds. Her final depiction of Donald is that of “a damaged, frighten man-child forever trying to measure up to the “killer” his father told him to be.

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