• Because of the tariff Trump placed on soybeans, China cannot afford to buy soybean from America. So China has now made deals with countries in South America to buy soybean and other agricultural products.  When the trade war is resolved, China will not go back to buying American agricultural products, leaving American farmers devastated.
  • America refused to sell computer chips to Chinese companies. China invested $6 billion in IT.  Very soon, China will make it own chips, better, cheaper.  China will not return to the American market, rather, they will sell their chips to the EU and all over the world, taking away from America’s market share.
  • America places sanctions on Russia. Russia makes deals with the EU to sell its oil and NG, and sell military hardware to China, speeding up their ability to confront America
  • Trump pulls out of the Iran nuclear deal, EU nations find ways to trade with Iran circumventing S. sanctions. America will soon lose its ability to control the policies of other countries using the SWIFT payments system.

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