What always amazes me is how people twist the facts to support their position.  Donald Trump says the Mexicans are rapist and drug dealers.  However, facts show that Mexicans commit crimes at a lesser rate than those in the general population.  Others say the Mexicans are breaking the back of the social services system with their using medical, housing and food stamps without paying taxes.  Facts show that most Mexicans do pay taxes and then do not use social services because they are afraid it might lead to deportation.  This has led to a net gain in revenue for our government.

The U.S. work force is aging.  The number of employed people needed to support retirees is shrinking.  We desperately need more tax paying workers.

There are only two ways the economy grows: higher productivity and more workers.

The Untied States spends 1/10th of what other OECD nations spend on retraining workers.  And the U.S. population growth rate is below maintenance, meaning the population decreases each year.

The only way open to the U.S. to grow is to increase immigration, and when we talk immigration, we are talking Mexicans: people who take the jobs Americans don’t want and who work harder than their counterparts do in the labor force.

Then there is the drug issue.  Keeping drugs out of the country.  First, drugs are rarely brought across the border using holes in, or tunnels under, the fences.  They are brought in by vehicles, which go though the normal checkpoints.

When we close off the border, we are sealing in people trying to escape the crime, murders, being killed themselves, only wanting to support their families.  They ARE NOT rapists and drug dealer as Donald Trump has proclaimed.  And they are certainly more ethical and honest than our illustrious president.

Second, if we legalized all drugs in America and regulate them through facilities staffed with doctors who can decide who to dispense drugs to and how much, then $385 billion will remain in the U.S. economy.  Second, it costs $55,000 a year to house the non-violent offenders.  That will save tens of billions a year.  When some Scandinavian countries legalized drugs, crime went down by 60%.  40% of their prisons closed.

The only people who don’t want to legalize drugs are the ATF, DEA, ICE and Border Control…. because if that occurred, many, the majority, of them would lose their jobs.  In addition, the private prison industry makes billions housing aliens in the process of deportation.  Drugs are big business, not just for the cartels, but also for the government agencies policing drug dealing.

We need the Mexican more than they need us.


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