“Trump has a life long sense that people are constantly taking unfair advantage of him.  He inherited this fantasy from his cheapskate father noted for his lack of generosity.  Growing up a rich kid, Trump was insecure, having not earned it or deserved it.

Donald believes there is never a win-win, only that there is profit and loss.  He could not abide the knowledge that somebody was (perceived to be) taking advantage of him

His is a zero sum game   In his world, everything of value accrues to him or has been robbed from him.

He values only being revered, deified, worshiped, generated, apotheosized, paid homage to,

There is no low to the amount of groveling he would accept.

He thought people should roll out a red carpet wherever he walks and sprinkle flowers before him.

The man is completely deranged.

There isn’t an inkling of intelligence, rationality, empathy, respect of others or old institutions, in him.  He is devoid of any human qualities.


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