If the Democrats are winning the election in 2024, the Republicans will challenge the results, throwing the matter to the courts.  The Proud Boys, Alt right, QAnon, White Supremacists, Nazi Sympathizers, The Oath Keepers, the Groyper Army will very likely take to the street, with number 3 to 10 times as large as in 2020.  They will attack the capitals of Democratic leaning states, attempt to kidnap politicians they deem as supporters of the democratic candidates and attempt to take off centers of transportation and more, attack banks to gain monies to further their operations.

These groups learned a great deal from January 6th and are emboldened by the success they achieved that day.

And an ultra right Supreme  court may do what Justice Scalia did in 2000 when he forced Florida to stop the vote count after Bush’s thugs disrupted the count.

Think back to what a few hundred men, none carrying weapons, did in Florida in 2000 and compare that to today where these groups have sophisticated weapons and training either in the army or in police departments.

I see many similarities with both 2000 and January 6th but the numbers and organizational abilities of these groups as being far more advanced.

This may, and certainly could, force the military to come in and restore order.

Jeffry Weiss

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