Acting deranged, Pompeo delivered an ugly, ferocious, vulgar diatribe to a reporter about his role in the ouster of U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Youvanovitch

Pompeo swore that the interview with reporter Mary Louise Kelly was to speak only about Iran, not The Ukraine.

The fat man stalked out of the interview.  Moments later he summoned Ms. Kelly to his office where he proceeded to curse the woman using every curse word in the book written for fat, ugly, vulgar, obnoxious, bullying,  crude, liars.

He then said, “Do you think American even care about fucking Ukraine?”  He demanded that Kelly, a Harvard gradate with a master from Cambridge in European studies find Ukraine on a map.

She did, but Pompeo later called Kelly a liar and said she pointed to Bangladesh, 3,600 miles form Ukraine.

For 18 months, fast boy has been waging war with the truth, bragging about phantom U.S. policy successes in North Korea, Iran, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.

When asked by a second reporter to point to Brazil, Pompeo said, “Why should I?  There are no McDonalds or Arbees Roast Beefs there.”

It has been said of Pompeo, “There was never a Buffet he didn’t like.”

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