To understand why Donald Trump does what he does, you need to understand how he thinks.

Donald Trump is a liar a thief, and a cheat.  He uses every underhanded trick to take advantage of a competitor or worker or, as president, the American people.

Since he lies and cheats, he believes every one else does also.  That is the norm in his world and the way he operates .

Donald has cheated tenants, contractors, even friends, just as he father did.

And there is no good deal unless he made it.  In addition, every deal must have a winner and a loser.  There is no such thing as a win-win.  If he does not win, then it’s a very bad deal and can be reneged on for any number of reasons, which his lawyers are very adept at coming up with.

His thinking is the exact opposite of how diplomacy, trade and negotiations work in the real, honest world.

Never has a man so stupid, so evil, risen so far.

No one should ever have to look into his soul or know is heart.  It is the darkest, ugliest black pit of humanity one could ever imagine.

Donald Trump is a disease, a pestilence, a plague from an alternate reality, set loose on Earth to do as much destruction as possible, similar to the coming of the beast as depicted in the Book of Revelation.

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