I’m sure that, as a pot aficionado, you know that the THC content it marijuana is up by 400% since they legalized it.  Fantastic!

Well, maybe if you’re a doctor.  Since the THC levels have gotten so high, psychotic episode admissions in hospitals are up by 1,000%.  Of course, maybe that is what you’re trying to accomplish: complete burn out so you have an excuse not to work, simply move back into the basement of your parent’s home and play video games day and night.

Then there is the fact that pot shrinks the brain, making you not only look and say stupid things, but actually makes you so stupid you laugh at non-squalors.

Well, okay, but what about CBD?  That’s a miracle break through.

It’s a miracle all right.  What’s amazing about it is, studies have proven that CBD does nothing on its own.  Only when the CBD also has THC does the substance have any pain-relieving effect.  Scientists also found that no one has ever tested the CBD to learn what amounts of THC are required to relieve various symptoms.

It’s snake oil.  People who attest to CBD either are feeling the placebo effect or are using CBD infused with THC.

But hey, so what if it brings on psychosis, shrinks by brain, and uses up all my salary, it really makes me feel good.

Of, shit, I almost forgot….THC steals your sex drive, makes you lethargic and causes you to do your work, whether in an office or in school or driving, poorly.  You will be fired, have an accident, or have to drop out of school.


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