This dirt bag, fool, retarded, brain-dead piece of trash has forgotten who he represents.  As a senator, he represents the people, not the president.  The cabinet serves at the favor of the president, not elected officials.

He sucks Trump’s tit because if Trump is displaced, he, McConnell will lose his position as the Senate Majority leader and have to return home and live off his paltry $23 million he got by trading political favors for material gain.

All he cares about is insuring his own survival, not that of the people or the country.

He can only remain in office if Trump is reelected.  He is refusing to all new witnesses to testify at the Senate hearings of impeachment.  He said he will keep Trump informed of every step in the impeachment process.

He is a degenerate, power-seeking, sub-human.  Abraham Maslow, the great psychologist said, “If you’re trained to use a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.”  That is interpreted to mean that whatever you are trained to do is the answer to any problem.  Doctors see surgery as the solution to a medical issue when, in fact, other, non-invasive procedures are often less dangerous, less expensive, more effective.

A policeman sees every people as a danger and a gun as the only solution.  For Mitch McConnell, he sees his role, as the man who decides what legislation will come to a vote as his mission in life.  It doesn’t matter if the bill harms the American people as long as it insures his continuation as Senate Majority Leader.

He cares nothing about America or the American people.  He sold his soul to Trump and to his continuation in office.  He is even worse than Trump in that there are bills Trump proposes that would not get passed if it wasn’t for McConnell.

McConnell is a very sick man who has forgotten his role and representative of the people.  He really deserves to be in prison for violating the constitution or in a mental institution for believing he is above the law and immune from attack.

Look at his face.  He is disgusting.  He never exercises, eats poorly, and drinks.  Why isn’t he dead already?  What can we all do to hasten that process?

He must be voted out of office in order for the country to move foreword.

But he has insured he will get the votes and be reelected in his home state of Kentucky will reelect him because he brought jobs to the state.  One way he did this is to change the status of a Russian Oligarch from the sanctions list because the Russian promised to build a $200 million dollar aluminum plant in Kentucky.

So you see, there is no low this man would not steep to in order to remain in power.

Will someone please tell this man he is a detriment to society, a blight on the country and a danger to the constitution?

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