• The Russian government believed to would benefit from a Trump presidency and conducted a major operation to see that result.
  • The Trump campaign was aware of the Russian effort and believed it would benefit.
  • Mueller found more than 100 contacts between Trump associates and the Russians,
  • There were at least 10 attempts by Trump to interfere with the Mueller investigation. Twice ordering White House Counsel Donald McGahn to fire Mueller.  Trump pressured then attorney general Jeff Sessions to take back control of the investigation.
  • Trump not only knew of Russia’s efforts to help his campaign but encouraged it numerous times through numerous people.
  • Trump’s lawyer refused to let Mueller’s team question Trump in person. In responding to a list of questions from Mueller’s team, trump said, “I do not recall” more than 30 times.
  • Mueller did not charge the president with obstruction of justice because the Justice Dept’s guidelines say a sitting president cannot be inducted.
  • Mueller invited Congress to ‘use its congressional authority to try the president.
  • Mueller made 14 referrals for further prosecution by the feds after Trump leaves office.
  • AG William Barr white-washed the Mueller report and bolstered Trump’s claim of “total exoneration.”
  • When Congress demanded the unredacted version of the Mueller report, Barr held a press conference and revealed he had consulted with the White House before releasing the report.
  • While Barr claimed there was no collusion, the Mueller report explicitly contradicted Barr’s summary. Barr told Congress Muller said his decision to not charge Trump with obstruction was not influenced by the guidelines saying a sitting resident could not be indicted.  But that contradicted what Mueller said, making Barr guilty of lying to Congress.

Time to begin impeachment proceedings.  If we don’t then we have set a new precedent that a sitting president can get away with anything as long as he can’t be indicted.

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