After losing his re-election bid in November, Republican Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin pardoned 428 of the most heinous, vile, evil, monstrous criminals in the Kentucky prison system.

One went to Patrick Baker, sentenced in 2017 to 19 years in prison for posing as a police man and fatally shooting a homeowner in a home invasion robbery.  Baker’s family had held a fund raiser for Bevin that raised $21,000. And Baker’s brother and sister gave an additional $4,000 each.

In the pardon order, Bevins said the evidence against Baker was sketchy at best.  To which sentencing Judge David Williams said, “I’ve never seen a more compelling or complete case.”

Bevins also pardoned Micah Schoettle, convicted of raping a 9 year old.  And Delmar Partin, convicted of murdering and decapitating his former lover.

Prosecutor Rob Sanders called the pardons “an abomination.”

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