The newest book by Jeffry Weiss

 “The crimes, lies and ruinous policies of Donald Trump: how close America came to becoming a dictatorship ruled by sociopath”

This book is not simply a retrospective of the Trump presidency.  It is a warning; a dire warning.  Trump is preparing to run again in 2024.  His base is intact and he is maintaining a very vocal and physical presence in the media.


His actions and words are part of a carefully planned strategy to incite the disaffected, the dispossessed, the haters, the White supremacists, to start a movement that will lead to anarchy.

Our lax behavior is the antithesis of what our forefathers said was the obligation of citizens: to keep track of the policy of our elected leaders.

Donald’s heroes are brutal dictators: Recep Erdogan of Turkey, Viktor Orban of Hungary, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, Vladimir Putin in Russia, Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

You will only have yourselves to blame when you finally realize you are living in a dictatorship and all the rights and freedoms you once assumed were sacrosanct have been forever taken away.

The Crimes of Donald Trump delineates all the crimes, lies, and detrimental policies of the past president.  They offer dire warnings of the possibility of Trump regaining power and what he might do if that would come about.

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