The red line for North Korea is not when they have a missile that can hit Chicago, or New York, or Washington.  They have not even built a small enough warhead to place on the tip of a missile.

The red line is when they can deliver a nuclear bomb, in any fashion, to Seoul, South Korea.

America is a nation whose people are afraid.  So afraid that cannot see beyond themselves.  So afraid they disregard the devastation other nations may have endured or are susceptible to.  As if the (extremely) slim possibility that Jong-un could hit Chicago with a missile (not a nuclear warhead which was still a year or more away), was more serious than the eminent death of 25 million South Koreans (Seoul’s metropolitan area = 25.6 million)

Anyone who has listened carefully to Kim Jong-un knows that there is no hope for a negotiated agreement into limiting or denuclearizing his missiles.  Jong-un saw what happened to Muammar Al-Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, and Iran.  They were all either invaded or a noose was placed around their neck to comply with Western sanctions and standards.  Jong-un sees the end of his nuclear weapons program as the end of his reign, the end of North Korea, the end of his grandfather’s creation.  To an objective observer, that does not sound like a starting point for negotiations, yet America fantasizes that given some enticing concessions, North Korea will give up its missile and nuclear program.

He may, in fact, send negotiators to the table to wring whatever concessions can be derived from simply sitting down at the table.  It also bides him time to further develop his nuclear arsenal.

My initial suggestion….of putting out an offer through “unofficial channels” that should the generals of North Korea arrest Kim Jong-un and ship him to The Hague, they will be absolved of war crimes.  At the very least, they would remain alive, since over the past three years, Jung-un has killed three of his closest military advisors, including his uncle, in the most gruesome manner: torn apart by wild dogs, eaten by piranha fish, shot by anti-aircraft guns.  Therefore, their lives are already worthless and have nothing to lose.

Now that that suggestion has been shunted, we are left with an attack on North Korea.

From my book, “Code 6 North of the DMZ”…….


“The North has at least four large tunnels under the DMZ.  Each one big enough to allow the passage of an entire infantry division.  We know where they are and have blocked them.  North Korea has mountains, and marshes that can hide troops and vehicles.  However, their movement is restricted to narrow passes as they move south.  Our Apache and Warthog helicopters, and F 22s, 35s, B-1s and 2s will pick them to pieces in minutes, not hours.”

 But whether we preemptively or counterattack in the first few minutes, North Korean guns and missiles will still get off that no matter what we do, North Korea artillery will get off between three and five rounds from ten thousand guns.  If unprepared, Korea will sustain a hundred thousand dead and ten times that number wounded.  North Korea possesses thousands of long-range launchers with at least five hundred capable of hitting Seoul.  The vast majority of those weapons are positioned in hardened artillery sites constructed close to the DMZ.  It is believed that twenty percent of their forward artillery units at the DMZ are equipped with chemical ammunition.”


 If we wait even a year, North Korea will have miniaturized their nuclear weapons and put them on warheads.  They won’t even have to be accurate.  The distance of their weapons from Seoul is 40 miles.

Given those facts, it would seem that launching a preemptive attack against the North is a non-starter.  That is due to “same speak” (George Orwell – 1984).  People who are educated similarly, live similarly, interact with like-minded souls, think along the same lines.  Each one believes he, or she, has something new to say, but it all sounds the same, same conclusions, redundancy at its worst.

My second suggestion is to start conducting air raid alerts in Seoul.  One each month.  The first two go by without consequence.  With the third, the combined armies of South Korea and the U.S. hit North Korea with artillery, fighter jets and bombers, tomahawk missiles, rocket launchers, while protecting civilian centers with THADD

In air raid shelters, basements, subways, projected loses in Seoul may be less than five thousand people.  Horrible, a catastrophe, but a thousands times better than waiting until the North can miniaturize their nuclear weapons and hit half the worlds’ capitols.





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