Trump is about to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, once again showing the world that America does not stand by its treaties.  This while a breakthrough is occurring with North Korea.  One of the key elements in the talks is providing North Korea with guarantees that the US will not attack.  Trump said his decision on Iran would not effect negotiations with North Korea.  This is one more example of Trump’s stupidity.  He is delusional.  What else could North Korea think but that Trump will renig on any agreement they make which guarantees the sovereignty of their country and attack when they are most vulnerable.   For him there is no good deal unless he negotiated it and there is no deal that can’t be broken if he sees fit to do so.  We can only hope that Robert Mueller can pick up the pace of his investigation in time to get Trump out of the White House before he does more damage to the reputation of America and the safety and stability of the world.

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