“The arrogant U.S. has launched a trade war, believing tariffs are enough to crush China.” (The China Global Times).

“The trade negotiations were almost complete when the Trump administration raised import tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods from 10% to 25%.

“We responded with tariffs on $60 billion of U.S. goods. The U.S. thinks China can be cowed but it will lose that bet.  Threatened, China will pay any price to save face.  This is an oriental custom.  One that America does not understand.” The Beijng Daily.

“It is the philosophy to Tai-chi, where an opponent’s raging and flailing is tuned against himself.

“America consumers are already paying more for Chinese goods, or are being forced to pay higher prices from the EU or South Korea or Taiwan.

“Washington’s approach is all stick and no carrot.”  (The People’s Daily).  “The principles of trace take into account mutual benefit, win-win results, mutual accommodation.  Instead of pursuing gain for all, Donald Trump said he would not eliminate Chinese tariffs even of a deal were completed.  This is why the international community, and American consumers, blame this trade war on Trump.

“Since Washington prefers bullying to cooperation, China will look for new way to punch back,” says the South China Morning Post.  “China may end tourism to America and end programs sending Chinese students to study in the U.S.  China will pursue new trade deals with the E.U., Russia, Brazil, Japan, and others, bypassing the U.S.  Once America is out of the loop it will be very hard for her to get back in.  It will be America’s competitors who will reap the rewards of trade with China.

“China will take the same course it did when American sanctioned the ZTE Corporation.  China invested over six billion dollars building IT parks and whole cities dedicated to building better, faster chips than America can produce.  China will take away all of America’s foreign customers thanks to its intransigence.

“What is being negotiated is a divorce, not a trade pact,” says the Morning Post.  The Pentagon has claimed that many of Beijing’s initiatives pose serious threats to America, mentioning China’s cultural exchanges and infrastructure initiatives.

For decades, America has used it military might to force other countries to give up their sovereignty, natural resources and enslave the indigenous populations.  Now China comes with a carrot in hand, and is taking away that trade from America.  America is even trying to organize a global boycott of Chinese goods.  But the world is ready to go around America.  Soon, the Chinese Yuan will be the reserve currency in the world and America’s economy and influence will shrink from the size of a grape to a raisin.





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