Dear Mr. Garland:

Please allow me to clarify an issue.  You expressed reservations about going after Donald Trump for his role in the insurrection.  You decided not to indict Mark Meadows and Dan Scavino, two individuals who played key roles in the attempt to overthrow the government, let alone Trump himself.

You have forgotten who you represent.  You do not represent Joe Biden or the executive branch of government.  You represent the Constitution and the American people.

NO ONE voted for Joe Biden.  People voted against Donald Trump.

You expressed concern that the “optics did not look good.”   That indicting a previous president would be seen as a political move.

That was the same reason General Charles Flynn gave, brother of Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s White House national security adviser. who suggested that Donald Trump declare martial law to dismiss the election results and call for new elections overseen by the military. )  General Charles Flynn, said it wouldn’t look good to send National Guard troops to the Capitol.

You don’t NOT indict someone because you are worried about optics.  You don’t decide to NOT indict someone because you’re worried you might lose in court.  If someone, anyone, including the President of the United States breaks the law he needs to be prosecuted.

So far you have shown yourself to be tepid and overly cautious.  I would suggest you cinch up your pants and start indicting every single person that broke the law on, before and after January 6th.  And I don’t stop with the “low hanging fruit.”

Thank you,

Jeffry Weiss

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