Do you want to know how much of a self-serving, irrational man our President, Barack Obama, is?

He ordered, complied with, the bombing of doctors without borders hospitals because some of the people they were treating were Al-Qaeda. You do remember the Hippocratic oath: “I have an invaluable obligation to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm and that I will not ask of their beliefs or intentions and that I will not discriminate based on race, religion or political beliefs.”

Barack Obama has rewritten that 2,000 year old code to so that it applies only to himself and his family.  Truth be told, no amount of doctors or medicine can cure his pencil-neck body and diseased mind.

Do you know why Obama did not prosecute George Bush for War Crimes? Because he knew that he too would commit war crimes and that if he prosecuted Bush it would set a precedent for the man who followed Obama into office.

Transparent administration? He sequestered more documents than any other president in history. He went after more whistle blowers than all other presidents combined.

Obama is many, many steps below a fool. He is a gutless individual who thinks his greatest accomplishment is ticking names off the “kill list” he keeps in his pocket.

Do you know that this paranoid man did when he went to Africa? He was scared that he might catch some ungodly disease on the God-forsaken continent and so he had a hospital ship follow his entourage to Africa.  No, not a doctor. No, not a team of doctors, but an entire hospital ship with a crew of 1,275, 2,000 beds, 24 fully equipped operating rooms, radiological services, medical labs, intensive care units, dental services, physical therapy and burn care, pharmacies, optometry labs, CAT scan and four oxygen factories, while our troops were injured and dying in Afghanistan and Iraq.

What Obama did not know was that his death would be a turning point for America leading to better, more open government.

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