What a great season for TV: all the news shows, really cool. And how about the new phones coming out from Apple and Samsung. Then the Virtual reality glasses. Unbelievably cool. I can go on vacation and not even leave my room. Of course I could never really go on vacation. I know I should be able to save money, but I’m hooked on the video games and I keep playing right through that 9 to 5 slot. And I’ve got to have that new Apple i-phone. Sure, $1,000 is a lot, but my friends will diss me if I don’t have it. And you know good pot is $20 a joint. And who can get through the day without getting high?
I keep promising myself to not play all night and sleep all day but I am sooo hooked.

I can’t keep up with the shows: the new ones plus my old favorites. I just hope The Voice comes back for another season. Thank God I can record one show while watching another.

I was playing poke man and I got lost in the woods and I had to dial 9-11 to come get me. I laughed so hard I peed my pants.

I want to be the first person in my city to get a delivery from Amazon by drone. So cool, I can’t even imagine how jealous my friends will be.


If any of these statements pertain to you, then:

1) With a tremendous sense of urgency, sign up for on-line courses in robotics, engineering, mathematics, biology, chemistry, international financing with foreign languages expertise, computer coding. Artificial intelligence and smart algorithms are going to take 50% of all jobs within 5-10 years. Corporate jobs, law clerk, car salesman, retail store owner or employee, whatever your dream job is and more: radiologist, truck driver, warehouse manager, attorney, help desk at major companies, etc. etc.

You are being mesmerized by useless trash, garbage catering to your lowest, basest senses. And while you laugh a non-sequitors, your best years are wasting away and your future is being decided for you.

You may want to consider changing your ways…or reserve that spot in your parent’s basement for the rest of your life.

Consider this your wake up call.

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