Peter Thiel (co-founder of paypal) backs Donald Trump

Peter Thiel, co-creator of Paypal, favors Trump.  I respect what he has done as a tech innovator.  I have no respect for a man who espouses his opinion on political matters for which he has no knowledge, no expertise, no background.

He dedicated his life to IT.  When and where did he study politics, international affairs?

The only way he could favor Trump is if he did not read one word about the real Donald Trump.  He listened to what the man said on the stump and took that as the gospel.  Peter should have remained in the realm of technology.  Knowledge does not “translate.”  Being an expert, or authority, in one field does not make him an expert in another field…unless he devoted the same amount of time, energy and research in those other fields.

Peter’s enormous ego, propped up by money, has led him to believe he actually knows something about a candidate’s past behavior and current motivation.  If he had done his due-diligence he would learn that every word out of Donald Trump’s mouth is a lie.  This has been documented by fact check sites.

Donald hired Polish workers to build the original Trump Towers.  They were illegal aliens (and he knew that) but that did not stop him.  When they finished construction, he refused to pay them.  He said, “Sue me.  I’ll have you deported.  I’ll tie you up in court till your hair turns gray.” He dragged them through the court system for 20 years when they finally gave up.

He built a golf course in Scotland where he promised to maintain the sand dunes and natural landscape that had been there for thousands of years.  The residents agreed after protracted negotiations and many promises.  The day after they signed away their rights, he had bulldozers take down all the natural habitat.

Donald Trump bought Eastern Airlines shuttle division for $380 million.  He believed that by putting gold plating on the chrome arm rests and bathroom door handles he could not only make money where Eastern could not, but then charge more money per seat.  The company went bankrupt within a year.  The banks that loaned him the money lost $380 million.  Donald never lost a dime.

Donald Trump built the Chicago Trump Towers for $500 million.  It went bankrupt before it was finished being built.  Deutsche Bank lost $500 million; Donald never lost a dime.  It was said that the reason Deutsche Bank loaned Donald the money was because “They were the only bank in the world that did not know of Donald’s track record.”

Donald Trump has 90% of his assets in a four square block area around Trump Towers.  His entire international business experience is based on several golf courses overseas.  His entire staff consists of 55 people.  He has never run a major corporation or dealt with foreign heads of state.

I will not even discuss Donald’s personal, perverted, misogynistic, twisted, sexually deviant life except for one statement he made.  “My daughter is one hell of a piece of ass.”

Donald Trump is a sociopath by every definition of the word.

Following are verbatim statements by Donald Trump and my comments.

“I went to the Wharton School of Business.  I’m like a really smart person.  It’s very possible I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money at it.”

On abortion: “I’m very pro-choice.”  Then, “I’m pro-life.”

On guns: “Look, there’s nothing I like better than nobody has them.”  Then, “I fully support the 2nd amendment.”

On heath care: “I will replace Obama Care it with something terrific.”

In 2000 he sought the presidency on the Reform party.  A decade ago he said he was a Democrat.  Now he’s a Republican.

He used loopholes in the tax system to avoid paying taxes for 20 years.  Stating, that’s just good business.

Religion: “I am strongly into the Bible.  I am strongly into God and Religion.”  When asked to quote any scripture, he could not quote one.

On Wealth: “I have net worth of much more than 10 billion.” Forbes Magazine said 1.9 billion.

“I am a self-made man.”  He inherited $300 million dollars and built it to several billion by declaring bankruptcy three times.  He would be worth more today if he had invested the $300 million in Treasury bills or a money market account than he has with all his under-handed wheeling and dealing.

Foreign Policy: “I will crush ISIS and take the oil.”  He forgot to mention how many body bags would be needed; something he left out.

“I am a better negotiator than al the dummies who represent our country.” “Geopolitics is no harder than selling property.”

“Every country that does business with us is ripping us off.”  “The money China took out of the U.S. is the greatest rip off in the history of our country.”  China has bought 4 trillion of our treasuries, keeping our country from going bankrupt.

“I will withdraw all military support for our allies in Asia: South Korea, Japan, and The Philippines.  They can protect themselves.”  Leave China to take control of Southeast Asia.

“I play to people’s fantasies.  I call it truthful hyperbole.”

Trump University was a complete scam.  Thousands of people lost money, some their life savings.  They were lured in for a free lecture, then pressured to get one on one training with “experts” who were just boiler room scum bags – with no teaching background unable to teach anything because there were no real estate secrets to teach –  pressuring people for more money.  Not one person every made money using Donald’s tools.  His “university” taught nothing because Donald Trump himself knew nothing.  A complete scam.

Donald Trump started building a project in Mexican: “Ocean Resort Baja Mexico condos.”  People invested $38 million.  The project went bust before the first condo was built. Investors sued to get their money back.  Donald said, “Fuck you.  Didn’t you read the fine print?”

The fine print said, “In the event of the project not going forward, the principal shall keep all monies and do with such funds as he wishes, but is under no obligation to return such investments.”  When some people still went ahead with their lawsuits, Donald responded by saying, “Consider your self lucky.  If the project had gone ahead, you would have lost even more.”

He calls heavy-set people, “Fat Pigs.”

When a woman commentator asked him a hard question, he said, “She has blood coming out of her everywhere.”

Mr. Trump wants to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it.  First, that is insane.  Second, Mr. Trump did not look at the figure behind his statements and threats.  Such a wall would cost billions of dollars that would add thousands of dollars in taxes for every single American.

“Mexicans are bringing drugs.  They’re bringing crime.  They’re rapists.”  “Not only will I deport them but also their children that were born here.” – Completely illegal since they are U.S. citizens.

He wants to keep Mexicans out who are ruining our country and taking our jobs.  More Mexicans are leaving the U.S. than entering.  Their economy is better than ours.  Most Mexican pay taxes but do not claim benefits because they fear being deported.  So the U.S. has a net gain from their participation in the work force

Immigrants commit less crimes percentage wise than U.S. Citizens.  From 1990 to 2013, the number of undocumented immigrants in the country tripled from 3.5 million to 11.2 million. Yet during that time, violent crime rates dropped 48% nationwide, according to the report.  Since undocumented immigrants make up such a small percentage of the population, it’s impossible to draw a straight conclusion from those numbers, so let’s see what else they’ve got.

The economy of Mexico is growing faster than the US .economy.  There is only one reason why Mexicans are risking their lives to enter America. And it is not to find jobs; that are more available in their own country. It is to escape the violence that is a direct result of America’s unwillingness to legalize all drugs as some Scandinavian countries have done and which have led to a 60% drop in crime, and the closing of 40% of al prisons.

China:  Donald Trump blames the loss of manufacturing jobs in America, the huge trade deficit, on China.  The truth is, America had been transitioning from a manufacturing country to a service oriented country for decades.

Since 1939, manufacturing jobs have only comprised ten percent of employed people. China only sped up a trend that was in place in 1990 (before China became a powerhouse).  Third, manufacturing jobs since 2000 have been due to robotic and technology more than lost to China.  Fourth, China no longer manufactures much of anything.  Their labor costs have quadrupled since 2000.  China now exports its manufacture to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Indonesia.

If it would not have been China, it would have been those other countries.  The problem is not manufacturing jobs lost to China, the problems is not manufacturing jobs lost to technology and robots, the problem is retaining workers for jobs in service and technology.

In other OECD countries (the 35 counties with the largest GDP in the world) they spend an average of .6% of GDP to retrain and reposition workers. In America, we spend .1% of GDP.  This is a disgrace and the reason people who lost manufacturing jobs have not found viable work.

Manufacturing jobs will never return, even if Trump’s walls get built and all trade deals ended.

Even if we did what Trump says, we wouldn’t reverse the technology, which is a very big part of the picture.

Trump’s threat to put hefty taxes on Chinese and Mexican goods coming into the country would likely to sink the economy into a recession. It would make many items at the store more expensive for working class Americans and spark a global trade war.

The U.S. tried this tactic in the 1930s with a law known as Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act. It backfired, pulling the U.S. further into the Great Depression.

Unemployment in the U.S. is low again because people have found work despite the manufacturing jobs disappearing.

Fact Check organizations said that 95% of everything Donald says is a lie.

He said he would lower taxes for the wealthy then spend billions on infrastructure. That would add $20 trillion to the national debt in four years.

Donald Trump is a scum bag who would take this country down the tubes to satisfy his ego.


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Mr. Weiss attended Drexel University where he gained a B.A. in European history, Temple University where he was bestowed an M.A. in economics, and the University of Pennsylvania where he received an M.A. in International Affairs.  These studies provided him with unique insights in the realm of foreign policy, military alliances, détente, and trade.


Mr. Weiss has been a writer for forty plus years and has penned many articles on social, political, and economic issues.  He has written position papers for the Carter and Clinton Administrations.  His work on social issues has received thanks directly from the office of the President of Mexico.


He speaks regularly with Noam Chomsky on political, economic, cultural, and military issues and has written over two hundred articles and position papers.  His work on social issues has received recognition from the President of México

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