About Jeffry Weiss

Political FictionJeffry Weiss was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. His father was a prominent police officer who headed the Juvenile Aid division and later begat the human Relations division of the Philadelphia police department. His work on racial and social issues were used by the FBI in their field manuals.

His mother was a self-educated woman steeped in the classics.

Jeffry was named after a character in a Dickens’ novel, ergo the unusual spelling of his first name (Jeffry as opposed to Jeffery or Jeffrey).

Jeffry attended Drexel University where he gained a BS in history, Temple University where he earned an MA in economic and the University of Pennsylvania where he received an MA in International Affairs. These studies provided him with unique insights in the realm of foreign policy, military capabilities, détente, and trade.

He has been a writer for forty plus years and have penned many (hundreds) of articles on social, political, and economic issues. He has written position papers for the Carter and Clinton Administrations. His work on social issues has received recognition directly from the office of the President of México. He speaks regularly with Noam Chomsky on political, economic, cultural, and military issues.

Mr. Weiss writes political, military, economic and scientific thrillers. There are now twelve books in the Paul Decker series. All his stories come right off the front pages of the major magazines and newspapers but none of his plots has ever found their way into novels before. His characters are ones readers can relate to: flawed, not superheroes. His plots stem from actual events in the world today and do not require a leap of faith or use deus ex machina.