Why did Putin change the constitution?

First, you can rest assured than it was not to help the Russian people.  It was to stay in power indefinitely.

He followed an example set by the president of Kazakhstan who stepped down as president to become leader of the obscure Security Council.  The new president is now below him in rank and authority.

But why now in the case of Putin?

It wasn’t due to his power, but to his weakness.

Some say he panicked when he saw secret polling that showed a deep plunge in his popularity.  Even the Russian establishment, that gets rich by carrying out Putin’s policies, is tired of him.

Putin picked Mikhail Mishustin, prior head of the tax agency, to become acting president.  He knows how to squeeze the remaining juice out of a dying economy.  Putin put him in charge because he fears the eventual collapse of the economy (after siphoning off $200 billion dollars for himself and an equal amount that went to he oligarchs and Mafia for helping him steal the $200 billion.

Putin has told Mishustin to “squeeze every last dollar out of the economy,” or “cash out at any cost” furthering the decline of the Russian economy into oblivion.

Opposition candidate Alexei Navalny released papers that showed Mishustin’s wife declared income of $10 million over the past 9 years without holding a job or running a business.  Also, Mushustin owns a $10 million dollar mansion.

The changes won’t help the Russian people in the least, only secure Putin’s position till he dies.  Let’s hope for sooner than later.

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