Sheppard Smith, the senior newscaster and host of Fox News quit the fifteen million dollar, twenty-three year job he held since the launch of Fox News in 1996.

He had demanded fact checking and unbiased analysis of all stories aired by the station.

What he left behind were wild claims, conspiracy theories, and a collection of Trump-loving stories praising the president that bore no resemble to truth and unbiased reporting,

He left after throwing a parting shot at the news station: ‘it is my hope that facts will win the day.”  “The truth matters” and that real journalism thrives.”

He fought against the ridiculous, self-serving distortions and propaganda of Sean Hannity and others.

Those at the station who backed Smith up were marginalized.

Smith said that the deluge of flagrant distortions and lies really escalated when Trump was elected.  Due to Trump’s long-time personal relationship with Rupert Murdock, news became slanted to protect and support Trumps distortion of reality.

Smith said that the pressure on news casters to toe the line is due to the job’s prestige, access, power and money.

He left saying, “Soon Trump will be gone and his presidency will be reveled as a scam,” and, “History will judge his enablers and apologists harshly and laud those who refused to knuckle under.”

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