First, Afghanistan had not been conquered in 4,000 years.  The Russians went in with 135,000 soldiers, tanks, planes, helicopters. (More men than the U.S. ever had on the ground there).  They lost 15,000 dead and 35,000 wounded.

They left with their tails between their legs.

After 9/11 American went in, disregarding all pervious history of the country.

Eventually we lost over 2,400 soldiers and ten times that wounded.  Wounded does not mean a flesh wounded.  Wounded means a lost limb.

Now, after 18 years comes the Afghanistan Papers.

American experts knew was un-winnable.  But they were disregarded.  While George W, Bush, Barak Obama and Donald Trump all claimed progress was being made when there was not a bit of truth behind those statements.

The war has claimed the lives of 115,000 Afghans, the great majority civilians.  The war has cost, so far, over $2 trillion dollars.  This while our own infrastructure crumbles.

The U.S. spent $133 billion on rebuilding Afghanistan.  That is more (after adjusting for inflation) than we spent rebuilding all of Western Europe after WW11.

SO, why did we go to war, why did we stay, and why did we spend over $2 trillion even when we knew the war was unwinnable.

  • The military needs a war every 15 years to train a new generation of soldiers and officers.
  • Dick (paranoid) Cheney, past president of Halliburton, a company that provided the essentials for the troops(food, housing, cleaning, etc) He saw Afghanistan as a perfect opportunity (won the contract with a “no-bid clause) to make billions
  • Military men who push the war go to work for the defense contractors after they return from the military. Seven and eight figure jobs await them if they promote wars.
  • The defense contractors pay millions in lobbyist fees to push for war in the house and senate.
  • It is said the Hamid Karzi, the president of Afghanistan, skimmed off $500 million dollars for work ever done and for soldier’s pay who never existed. Also, his brother was the largest dealer in Heroin in the country and got carte blanc to move his heroin under the protection of the CIA who pocketed 10% for their services.
  • So, you see, it’s all about money. War is a business, the biggest business.   Careers are made, revolving doors never stop, billions disappear into the pockets of warlords, presidents, the CIA, the arms manufactures, the generals who become “experts” that the news stations call on to explain the military situation.  And, as amazing as it may seem, those admirals and generals always, always say that the war is necessary.
  • If you think generals would never sacrifice their men just to ensure a corner office at Lockheed / Martin or General Dynamics, then you have a lot to lean. Why do you see soldiers walking down streets that have no meaning, having their arms or legs blown off for no reason other than a great payday.

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