I listened to both Dr. Ford’s testimony and Brett Kavanaugh’s. They both seemed to be telling the truth, as best one can after thirty plus years intervening.
Much has happened to both people in the intervening years. Memories get distorted. Personal events in one’s life affect memories. Frustration in one’s life plays a role. Anger at others can be misdirected toward the innocent.
Brett Kavanaugh had gone through 6 thorough F.B.I. investigations as part of being offered any federal position. Not once did the issue of drinking or womanizing come up.
Dr. Ford had 36 years to come forward at any or all of the appointment hearings Brett Kavanaugh faced. Why now is a question that must be asked.
Now, let’s assume there is some truth to what Dr. Ford has said. What she said was that she was grouped, not raped, that she was scared but not threatened. That she saw drinking but not alcoholism which is a much more invasive, long-term, repeated activity over years and in all activities: work, social, personal interactions.
Now, what has Brett Kavanaugh done in the intervening years? He has served his country, he has upheld the Constitution, and he has raised a family.
Now, what has Dr. Ford done? She claims that due to being held down in a small room she is claustrophobic and has trouble flying. But during the intervening years she has flown dozens of times on vacations and to lecture and there is not one corroborated time where she complained to airplane stewardess or went to a psychiatrist.
I do believe there was an altercation that night at school between Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh, but I believe that Dr, Ford’s motivation is now revenge for problems in her life she perceives being caused by Brett that night.
I am loath to take one incident out of a person’s life, especially one 36 years ago, and define him or her by that. Even the worst case scenario, of Bret Kavanaugh being aggressive toward women and drinking (as teenager in college), pales in comparison to a life of dedication to upholding the constitution and values of our country.

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