In response to the trade war Donald Trump has initiated, other countries are forming new alliances….with our perceived enemies: Russia, China, and Iran.

Chinese president Xi Jinping now offers a credible alternative to the dictatorial policies and demands of Donald Trump.

What was once unthinkable, that other nations would turn away from democracy to communism. Is taking place in many areas of the world. The Chinese s model offers real appeal to countries in the Middle East and Africa that want tighter controls of civilian populations

And they want Chinese investment in infrastructure, factories, hospitals, schools, telecommunications, rather than American military intrusion.

The U.S.has not responded to the 2008 banking crisis which makes some countries afraid to continue to be tied to the American monetary system, lest the US. Investment banks double down and take with them a big chunk of the world economy,

The U.S. never helped the average citizen, only the richest people and the bankers.

U.S.corporations have not invested for the future, focusing on short term gains to lock in bonuses. That is why the stock market is rising while the infrastructure crumbles.

America’s longevity at the top is now very much in doubt.

China, Russia, North Korea and Iran have reason to believe they can wait Trump out. And given that American influence has eroded so deeply so quickly, more and more nations are now slipping out of U.S. control.

It is truly amazing how much harm one man has been able to do in just two short years.

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