Weeks ago, Trump was briefed on the extent of the virus:  200,000 thousand infected all over the world.  That the Covid-19 virus had the capacity to afflict millions worldwide and kill hundreds of thousands of Americans.

A few days after Trump was warned, he went in front of the cameras and said, “I’m not worried.  There’s nothing to fear.  We have it totally under control.”

So, you see the extent of Trump’s mental illness.  A true psychopath who cares nothing for human lives and suffering.

After the numbers in the U.S. began to rise, Trump dismissed the virus as a Democratic hoax and blamed the Democrats for the virus due to the democratic policy of open borders.

He went on to say that his Jan. 31st decision to restrict travel form China had contained the out break.

While other countries were testing thousands, tens of thousands a week, the U.S. test 500 people in the entire month of February.

Trump ignored warnings by the CDC that there was a severe lack of basic medical supplies, like masks, hospital beds and ventilators.

Trump brushed aside the demand of the governors of the 50 sates to release federal funs to prepare of the virus spreading.

When asked on March 13th if he accepted responsibility for the testing debacle, he said, “No.  I don’t take responsibility at all.”

On March 16th, rump went back on the air and said, “The virus is very bad.  Each of us has a critical role to play.  In just a few weeks we can turn the corner on the virus,

But Trump’s guilt goes back father than that. On May, 2018, Trump authorized John Bolton to eliminate the National Security Council’s global health security unit and demote pandemic experts.  Of course, Bolton did exactly as Trump did,

When trump was asked about it, he said, “I didn’t do it.  I know nothing about it.”

Trump cut the CDC’s funding by 30%.  And the Hospital preparedness program within the H&HS has been halved.

The president had failed to nominate 165 of the roughly key federal government positions, including high-level global health roles.

After wasting weeks on doing little on his “self-congratulatory victory tour,” he said, “We have contained the virus.  I won’t say airtight, but close.”

Trump shut off travel to and from Europe, without even consulting our allies.

All state governors accuse Trump of nothing, then, when he finally did act, of it being too little, too late.

Trump did little until he was told that the virus would affect markets.  And knowing that the health of the markets was he key to being re-elicited, he began listening to his economic advisors.

Because of Trump’s slow to act policies, it is expected that hospitals will be overwhelmed; people will have to be turned away.  Estimates of unemployment raged from 17% to 30%.

.Now, Trump says, “I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic,”

The cost in lives and income due to Trump’s late and inadequate response to the pandemic cannot even be estimated at this point.

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