These days, we need Mexicans more than they need us. Their economy is doing better than ours (growth wise) and due to the extremely unfriendly and dangerous atmosphere created by Donald Trump and the republicans; they are more reluctant than ever to risk the journey.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, almost every “fact” offered by the Republicans is false.  Most Mexicans pay taxes but are afraid of being deported if they try to claim benefits like Medicare, Medicaid or social security.  There is a net gain for the country comparing what Mexicans pay into the system and take out of it.  Also, Mexicans commit crimes at a lesser rate than do American citizens.  The difference being that every time a Mexican is accused of a crime it is front-page news.

Farmers in California and elsewhere are screaming for the government to relax immigration laws so they can maintain their operations.  Between 2002 and 2014, the number of farm workers fell by 20%.  During the same period of time, the farm-labor shortage accounted for $3 billion in lost annual revenue.  In just 2015, $13 million worth of fruits and vegetables had to be plowed under due to a lack of pickers.

For those who claim our country is being overrun, that belief is bogus.  Between 2005 and 2014, more Mexican left America than arrived.

There is a legal way to bring in foreign labor on a temporary basis.  However, the H-2A program is expensive and complicated to meet the standards.  Of course, for some, it is not a problem, like Donald Trump’s son, Eric, who brought in 29 H-2A workers to prune the vines at the family’s winery in Charlotte Virginia.

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