According to conservatives “Ronald Reagan didn’t have a racist bone in his body.”

Now let’s look at the facts.

In a taped phone conversation with Richard Nixon, while Reagan was governor of California, Reagan complained about watching Tanzanian officials dancing in celebration after the U.N. voted to recognize China.  “Did you see those monkeys dancing?  Damn them.  They still don’t look comfortable in shoes.”

“They’re still cannibals.{

Nixon said Reagan was speaking for all racists in America.

He called poor Black women, “Welfare queens.”

He used such expressions to “attack housing benefits and the food stamp program.”

When the AIDS epidemic exploded in 1981, Reagan did not mention it until the last year of his presidency and never authorized a dime for research and care, stating, “It’s only the homosexuals.

He carried on with Nixon’s war on drugs calling for ten times the penalties for crack cocaine (used by Blacks), than powered cocaine used by Whites.

He launched his 1980 presidential campaign by tapping into “white fear and resentment of Blacks.”

In fact, it was Reagan who was first said, “Let’s make America great again (by excluding Blacks and other minorities.)

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