Since no drinking, drugs, movies, Western books, etc. are allowed under Sharia law, I think it’s a good question to ask.

Did you know….that under Sharia law, women cannot even leave the house without a male escort.  They cannot go to school or learn.  They cannot have sex with anyone but their husbands.  Their marriages are pre-arranged.

So what does the Taliban do for entertainment?  Well, they have parties.   Sounds innocuous enough?  Except for the fact that the entertainment is very young boys who dress up as girls and take it up the ass or give blow jobs to the party-goers.

You think, I must be making this up?  Hardly.  I research a great deal before I write any article.  Also, there have been some films of these parties, showing the young boys dressed as girls, going around offering tea and sweets to those in attendance.  What is left out of those videos is the part where these little boys are raped, sodomized and have cocks stuffed down their throats.

Still think I’m making this up?  Can’t be true?  What would you do if your wife was the typical woman living under Sharia law: hairy legs, mustaches, and (grossly) fat?

Still think I’m making this up?  The Prophet Mohammed was an epileptic, a schizophrenic, a misogynist AND….a pedophile.  He married his 9 year old niece and sodomized little boys.

Still think I’m making this up?  There are books and articles written by top flight researchers with strong credentials.  If you stopped wasting your time on watching “The Voice” “The Biggest Looser”, “Doctor Pimple-popper” “America’s got talent” you’d be able to verify everything I’ve said.

Turn the fucking TV off and learn what’s going on in the world, then find a way to donate to the entities who try to help and save mistreated, deprived, enslaved people.


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