You’ve heard, or should have by now, that Putin is going to step down as president and not run in 2020.  He said the country is moving toward democracy.

First, you need to know that everything Putin says is a self-serving lie.  He is a thief and a murderer, an extortionist, a stealer of hopes and dreams, a monster in expensive clothing.

Second, Pushkin said in an interview with Der Speigal that he’d never step down because he believed if he did he would be killed just like the Romanovs in 1917.  Where the people who rose up and took the government from the Tsars killed the entire Romanov family including the children.

It doesn’t matter what he says or what the new structure of government looks like, it’s all a façade for Putin to assure himself that he will have ultimate power for as long as he lives.  It just won’t be necessary for him to run for office anymore.

He plans to stay in office till he dies.  But God is listening and prayers are answered, Vladimir Putin will be overthrown by his own security forces and thrown in prison and tortured until he begs for mercy as did the thousand he sentenced over his 20 years in power.

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