RUSSIA SUPPORTS al-ASSAD (well, not quite)

The U.S. is going to quadruple it’s military spending against Russia, China and North Korea: what it perceives are the greatest threats against America (while our bridges crumble, old pipes bring leaded water to our citizens, children go uneducated, people live on the street, and even parents who work two jobs can’t support their family without relying on welfare.)

But enough of that. The TRUTH is, Putin came to Obama and offered to be a partner in bringing down Assad if the U.S. would lift sanctions. Obama refused, leaving Russia (who wants to be a player on the big stage) with no alternative but to act on its own. Further, the U.S. told Turkey to shoot down the Russian plane.

The U.S. military wants nothing more than to fight wars. The great psychologist, Abraham Maslow said, “When you are trained to use a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.” This is about machismo, power, using the skills it took a lifetime to accumulate. War, war and more war is the answer to attain peace. Insane? Yes, precisely. Obama, Ashton Carter, John McCain are quite insane. And now comes Hilary Clinton, desperate to show the world that she has bigger balls than the men. Drunk with power, ego, the unshakable belief they are Gods, better able to run the country (and the world) and that ordinary citizens simply don’t know enough to see the whole picture.

That is the definition of a sociopath.

There is now one and only one possible solution to this insanity…elect Bernie Sanders.

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