Robert Schlesinger of NBC News said, “No one, including Donald Trump, has done more to destroy democracy that Mitch McConnell.”

When Supreme court Justice Antonin Scalia died eleven months before the end of Obama’s term, McConnell refused to even hold a hearing on Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland.

This ancient, he’s 77 years old, Lilly White, rich (worth $10.9 million), arrogant, ignorant piece of shit has placed his agenda before the American peoples’ agenda time after time after time.  He thinks he represents America, that he knows what’s best for the country.  He is a fool, a man who lives in a fantasy land, a piece of slim that oozed out of a sewer.

He is a duplicitous, two-faced fool who thinks he is indispensable.

When asked what he would do if a Supreme count vacancy opened up in the last year of Trump’s presidency, he said, “Oh, we’d fill it.”

He doesn’t even see the conflict in this.  He can’t distinguish a difference between his agenda and the American agenda.

He is cynical and has, time and time again, set aside the principles and norms this country was founded upon in order to increase his power.

When Obama asked McConnell to join the Democrats in a bipartisan denouncing Russia’s ongoing interference in the presidential election, McConnell refused.  A foreign adversary was assaulting our democracy but that did not faze McConnell who said, “Why would I do that?  They’re helping our side.’

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