President Kennedy and Governor Connally were shot in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza.  The Presidential Limousine stopped when the first shot is fired, in direct contradiction to the policy of the secret service, which is to immediately speed up and leave the parade route when any loud sound is heard.

The first doctor to see Kennedy in Dallas was Dr. Charles Carrico.  He said the wound on the president’s head was an entry wound.  The secret service took all the notes made by the doctor and by the time JFK’s body reached Washington, the information had been changed to reflect that the wounds were exit wounds.’

The same thing happened in Bethesda Hospital. The secret service took the notes of all doctors and they were sworn to secrecy.

Almost all Secret Service personnel came out of police departments in the South.  There was a strong racist mentality in those departments.  Secret Service men were overheard throwing out racist remarks often.  They called Kennedy a n—– lover.  When one secret service man asked another, ‘Would you throw yourself in the path of a bullet meant for Kennedy,’ the others laughed and said ‘No fucking way.’

Eleven of the most experienced members of the secret service asked for transfers to other cities or resigned three weeks before the assassination.

Douglas Dillon was secretary of the treasury, and as such was in charge of the secret service.  He accepted and approved the transfer of the most experienced agents who requested reassignment.

Dillon, himself, notified President Kennedy that he would be out of the country between November 21 and November 27th, thereby being nowhere near the scene of the crime on November 22nd.

“Beyond the eleven Secret Servicemen who quit or were transferred, the rest of the presidential detail drank all night and did nothing on the day of the assassination.

The Secret Service swore that JFK ordered the number of motorcycle escorts be lowered from 12 to 4, that there should not be an agent on the running boards of the president’s car, that the bubble should not be used on the trip.”

But that was a lie.

Kennedy always deferred to the Secret Service.

Even after the trip to Tampa was cancelled due to death threats and the Chicago trip saw a huge increase in safety measures, the Dallas trip saw none of that preparation or concern.

“When questioned after the event, many of the agents in Dealey plaza were asked why they didn’t act immediately after the first shot was fired and cover up the president.  They said they thought the shots were just firecrackers.  Many of those men were in the military and knew precisely the difference between fireworks and gun shots.  When the first shot was fired, the driver of the presidential limo is supposed to race away from the scene at top speed.

In the motorcade, when the first shot was fired, protocol states that the agent closest to the president throw his body over him.  That was never done.  Protocol states that when a first shot is heard, the limo races away at top speed.  On November 22nd, 1963, the limo driver stopped and waited until all shots were fired.

In the limo behind the president, a secret service agent, upon hearing the first explosion said he did not speculate as to its origin, but jumped on Lyndon Johnson and Lady Bird, covering them up.  Immediately that limo sped away.

Every other person in the motorcade believed the sounds to be gun shots while every secret service agent with the president’s car believed the sounds were just firecrackers.

It was reported that six secret Service agents charged with protecting the President were in the Fort Worth Press Club until 3:00 .am., the night before the assassination.  On their way out, they told others they were going to The Cellar, an all night rendezvous.“Secret Service agents swore that they warned Kennedy as to the dangers a Dallas trip entailed.  None of those statements was true.

Later, when one of the secret service agents, Daniel Bolden, spoke up and told what the others had said and done before, during and after the assassination, he had phony charges brought against him and was sent to prison.  And while he was in prison, he was fed hallucinogenic drugs, and subject to LSD experiments and sensory deprivation, all in order to destroy his mind and make him an unreliable witness.  When he got out, still protesting the secret service men’s actions, he was followed, hounded and threatened.

And now the secret service has conveniently lost the texts and emails related to January 6th.  Of course it could be a coincidence, if you believe in ghosts and tooth fairies. What did occur was the head of the secret service, James M. Murray was appointed by Donald Trump.  And the previous head of the secret service was elevated to s senior position in the White House by Trump.  Donald was hedging his bets, putting people in place where they could protect him or them doing his bidding.  Murray is now hedging his best, thinking about where he’d fit in to a Trump second term.  Unfortunately he’s run into a buzz saw in the January 6th committee.  He’s going to be indited for destroying and or not keeping government records.

What do you think of the secret service now?

Jeffry Weiss

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