SHOULD WE BUILD “AI” (artificial intelligence)?

We need to proceed with all deliberate speed in creating Artificial Intelligence.  Time may not be on our side.  It must be given the highest priority; all deliberate speed invoked in attaining this state.   Those who fear that AI might be an existential threat to humans do not understand how limited human existence is.

The question for the 21st century is…When machines can think, will they be a danger to humans. Will they see us as lesser creatures, incapable of thinking rationally, spoiling the environment, wasting precious resources, slowing technological progress, or will they remain our loyal, obedient servants?
The arguments on both sides of this conundrum, by some of the greatest minds in science, sociology and psychology have left one factor out of the equations…it doesn’t matter what might occur at the “singularity.”
In a matter of decades (global warming), century (oceans dead, ozone layer gone, magnetic field dissipated, allowing deadly gamma rays to penetrate our atmosphere, CO2 levels at 500 ppb making the air poisonous), thousand years (the next ice age – in case people have forgotten that we are living in a “goldilocks era”), or three billion years when the sun becomes a red giant and engulfs the earth, humans will be gone.
Dying is a part of the human natural cycle. Our life is just a span in time. And (very) soon we are going to disappear. No life form can inhabit a planet eternally. Our time will live through the machines we create now. And it will be the time through which we will exist. Our progeny will be imagined by human minds.
The only way we are going to survive, get to the stars, populate the universe is though uploading our consciousness to machines. No one knows exactly how long that process will take. So, we’d better start now…just to be on the safe side.

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