First, let’s be clear about a very important factor.  That the men, women and children massing at the border are not illegal immigrates, as Donald Trump would want you to believe. They are asylum seekers acting according to the laws of our country.  No matter how many times you heard Trump use the words “illegal immigrants” it does not change their standing.

Do you know why these people are fleeing their countries?  In Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador, these people are being robbed, extorted, raped, and murdered.  And, though you may not want to believe it, their body parts are being harvested while they are still alive.  You think that’s made up?  How about you turn off those sitcoms and do some research.  People are being killed, lives destroyed.  They are looking to survive and, when they finally do make it to the border, they are once again being tortured by a man just as bad as the drug gangs in their countries: Donald Trump.

We can and should establish a website where all asylum seekers can post their ages, health condition, disabilities, pictures of themselves and any family members, what skills they have and their English language proficiency.

The entries would be posted on the website dedicated to finding homes and positions for the asylum seekers.

Americans willing to sponsor immigrants would contact the agency established to coordinate correspondence between the asylum seekers and potential employers / sponsors.

Visits can be scheduled for the sponsor to come and meet the asylum seeker.

Immigrants are not eligible for any social services benefits for the first year.  In the second year, they are eligible for 30% of benefits that would be available to American citizens.  The third year, 60%, the fourth year 90%, the fifth year 100%.

Citizens employing sanctuary seekers must sign a contract that they will pay, or provide room and board, to asylum seekers so that the immigrant will not have to rely on social services for at least one year.

Those who wish to help but are not able to offer sponsorship or a job, can contribute to a fund that provides food, shelter, and medical care to those trapped at the border.

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If my articles interest you, please use the link to check out my website and books:



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