I’m going to get a tattoo!  I’ve been saving for weeks and thinking about the design.  Really excited about it.

Wait.  Did I say I was saving for a tattoo?  What I meant to say was, I’m going to use the money I was going to spend on a tattoo and donate to:

  • Doctors without Border
  • The African relief Fund
  • The Red Across
  • The ACLU

I know you think a tattoo will make you stand out in a crowd, make you kook different.  But have you looked around lately?  Everyone has a tattoo…lots of tattoo.  You want to look different….then don’t get a tattoo.

Do you really want to impress people with qualities you wear on the outside…like expensive clothes or a watch?  Don’t you think those people are shallow?  Wouldn’t you want people to respect you for your beliefs and knowledge and dedication to others?

Maybe they won’t realize your support to great causes, but you will.  That compassion and love will create a better you.  It’s a strength you won’t find in money or a car or drugs…or tattoos.

Help others whenever you can.  Maybe you don’t have anything extra to give this week (really?   Not even two dollars?), but you can stop a person who looks troubled and tell him the God loves him, or “Go with God.”  Many you don’t even have a dollar.  Then give a homeless man a quarter, anything.  Tell him you are broke this week and give them whatever change you have.

There is always something you can do to help, someone you can give a kind word to, someone you can touch on the shoulder and say, “God bless.”

Well, I’m off now…to give that tattoo money to my favorite charities.

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