Facebook users are throwing away their opportunities for the future.  While some are networking with others to promote themselves or their businesses, Facebook users are chatting about inconsequential things, eschewing future opportunities.  They re tweeting and texting and sharing silly pictures, loosing  opportunities for advancement by frittering away two or more hours a day sending and receiving messages.  Your future is slipping away.  The time you spend texting, tweeting, sharing photos, playing games could be spent learning the skills needed in the information age.

But you say those little messages from others cheer you up or make you laugh.  Well, how funny do you think it will be if you’re living in the basement of your parent’s house when you’re 30 years old?  Facebook has been intentionally and specifically created to be addictive.  Disagree?  Try living without it for 24 hours.

Besides those facts, do you think Facebook is a benevolent, altruist entity?  Think again.  Facebook was complicit in enabling Russia to influence the 2016 elections.  It shared personal data of 60 million users without their consent.  It has suffered two breeches of data involving 50 million users.

The New York Times reported that COO Sheryl Sandberg lied to the board of directors about the extent of Russian use of the website.

She hired lobbyist to deflect blame from Facebook and on to others and tarnish critics.  This is known as “opposition research.”

One advertising exec said that, “Facebook is grossly mismanaged.”

Because of the toxic climate within Facebook, many top executives have left.  One independent analyst called the number of senior people leaving as “unprecedented.”

One Facebook employee described the morale at the company as “horrible.”

Before you get back on Facebook, if in fact you are ever off it, consider the ways it is ruining your life.  Facebook takes the place of interpersonal relationships, relying on quips and pics rather than face-to-face contact.  Facebook steals time that should be devoted to learning the skills of tomorrow.

Some have come to see the light.  Adults over the age of 18 are spending 31% less time on Facebook than two years ago.  In response, Facebook is selling more advertising time on Instagram and Whatsapp.

Many advertisers have said Facebook is arrogant and would be happy to find other on-line ways to advertise their products and services.  Others have said their return on investment in advertising is not working as well as it had.

One blatant example of the corporate culture at Facebook: the company incorrectly promised advertisers it could reach more 18-34 year olds in America that actually exist there.  They are now facing a class-action lawsuit.  On senior marketer for a large American bank says that Facebook has made mistakes in measuring engagement, reach and views on no fewer than 43 products.  Every single mistake worked out in favor of Facebook.

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