Steve Bannon backed Judge Roy Moore for the Senate seat in Alabama.  He actively campaigned for him.  Roy Moore is one of the most disgusting, vile, homophobic, predator, misogynist, biased, racist human beings (I use the words very loosely) that ever crawled out of a swamp.  He molested, threatened, and forced himself on teenagers when he was in his 30s.  He told them if they said anything, he would have them locked up and never see their parents again.

He defied the Constitution and the courts on matters of race and religion and said that America was at its best during the years of slavery.  He refers to American Indians as “Reds” and Asians as “Yellows.”  He s a scumbag, a degenerate, a low-life, a snake who lives in the sewers.

Steve Bannon perceives himself an intellectual, a notch above other people, a step ahead of the curve.  But in truth, he is a fucking moron. He thinks his actions will have no repercussions.  But let me tell you and Mr. Bannon what will happen.  By backing a pedophile, he has given free license to other predators.  That they can not only get away with their wretched acts but go on to a celebrated career in politics or business.  it’s possible, now that  such men can act with impunity, that one those men might meet one of Steve Bannon’s three children (all girls).  Because of the precedent he has set, his own children will be in jeopardy.

Now that’s thinking ahead.

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