Trump has been likened to Don Quixote, another character who hated windmills.

Like the fictional Don Quixote, Trump has mistaken a benign device for turning wind to energy into something monstrous.

At rallies and speeches, Trump has claimed that wind turbines diminish nearby property values by 75%.

He warned that if they are used to generate electricity, TVs won’t work during calm weather.  In fact, wind energy is integrated into the power grid that uses alternative sources of energy on calm days.

Trump claimed the noise from wind farms can cause cancer.  The reality being that coal, unlike wind, fills the atmosphere with pollutants that damage the heart and lungs and actually do cause cancer.

He also said that the turbines slaughter birds.  Cars and transmission lines kill 100 times as many birds.

For Donald, much of his hatred for wind turbines stems from his efforts to build a golf course in Scotland.  There he became embroiled in a prolonged, and ultimately unsuccessful, battle against a planned wind farm off the coast because he felt it would spoil the views of the golfers.

Trump picked up the lies, exaggerations, and fairy tales from the fossil fuel industry who have a vested interest to see alternative energy proliferate.

Trump tosses chum, in the form of lies and stupidity, to his base to keep their loyalty, and to ingratiate himself to the fossil fuel industry that Trump believes will result in a tit-for-tat relationship when he is out of office.

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