A few weeks ago, I posted an article about jobs, technology and the future. I explained that more and more jobs will be done by computers and robots and that many middle income jobs – not just entry level – will be soon taken by machines with smart algorithms. Even jobs considered sophisticated are being done by machines already. Studies found that machines reading medical reports and can read them and interpret them better than humans. The great majority of legal work is now done by machine algorithms. Warehouse workers already obsolete. Soon truck drivers and bus drivers in autonomous vehicles, will replace human drivers
The trend is speeding up so fast, that any previous predictions are quickly found to be already surpassed.
Now, an inventor has just come up with a mechanical process to replace ALL workers in fast food restaurants. Wal-Mart is using robots to read bar-codes and stock shelves. Amazon warehouses will be fully automated in just a few years.
And what is the response of workers to these advances…
I see people in bookstores reading graphic magazines, romance novels, stories of vampires, car magazines. I hear people discussing the winner of “The Voice,” “The biggest Loser,” “Dancing with the Stars.” I hear people talking about buying a new car, partying, bragging about getting so high on pot, meth, coke and alcohol that they couldn’t find their car or their way home.
In a mater of just a few years 50% of all jobs in America will be automated. And while this trend is only speeding up, people disregard the evidence and the coming changes and eschew free online college courses where they could learn new skills and remain indispensable in the computer age.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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