When you get up, what is the first thing you think about?  Is it what you’ll have for dinner?  How good it feels to get behind the wheel of your car?  What’s on TV that night?

What restaurant you are going to eat dinner at.  What stores you might stop into, seeing if they have something interesting in the way of clothing or new electronic devices.  Maybe pick up a book on travel?

Well, yes you watch a lot of TV, but only the good stuff: Dr. Pimple-popper, HBO and Netflix made for TV movies.

Let me explain something to you… You are not in control of your life, as much as you’d like to think that.  You are controlled by the advertising campaigns that put desires and wishes and needs into your mind.  You are controlled by the news outlets that concentrate on stories that put fear in you, or touch your heart with beautiful stories about what other people are doing while you watch what other people do while you do nothing.

You are controlled by what others around you are doing.  If others have new cars, big houses, Rolex watches, go out to fancy dinners, well, you need to keep up.  If others are going on trips, well, you can’t be left behind.

So, basically, your life has little (read zero) meaning.  You are a puppet dancing on the strings of the master puppeteers: the marketers, the advertisers, the banks and loan companies who make it so easy for you to get credit and keep you wallowing in debt do you can never stop working, the constant barrage of desires and needs and wants displayed on commercials, billboards, radio, ads forced upon you every time you do a search online.

You think you make decisions?  You think you know what you need and don’t need?  You are delusional.  You are living in a fairy tale.  You have been duped and played and suckered by the advertisers and TV shows.

You can’t see this because everyone around you is doing the same thing.

That’s what they call total immersion.

Only those who listen, read and see the lives of people suffering all over the world – who make an effort to end their suffering, who donate time and money to great causes – have a life with meaning.

Only those who go out of their way to help the indigent, who find ways to lift up the downtrodden, have meaningful lives.

Only those who realize the agenda of the advertisers is not their agenda have meaningful lives.

Only those who travel to places where they are needed instead of traveling to where they can relax with other well-off people have meaningful lives.

Only those who see commercials and laugh at their nonsense or cry at how they sucker people into their world have meaningful lives.

Only those who reach out to others and try to make them realize they are in a movie made by advertisers and a government that seeks only to perpetuate itself have meaningful lives.

Here’s a story for you….a true story.

There was a man, about 10-12 years ago, who was the head of one of the biggest movie studios in Hollywood.  A multi-millionaire, Ferrari, Malibu beach house, trophy wife, a powerful job where he could make or break the career of others, a man who flew on private jets, traveled to exotic destinations, spent hundreds on bottles of wine, dined at only three and four star restaurants.

So…there was a movie being made that was going to take place in a foreign locale.  A movie set in a slum of a third world country.

He was supposed to go search out locals with the star of the movie.  They were going to go over in the private jet of the movie studio but the actor could not make that flight so he took another jet a few hours later.

They got to Cambodia and met up at their hotel, then went in search of locales.  They came to a trash dump, a huge trash dump where people actually lived in or next to so that they could be the first to sift through the trash when it was dumped, looking for anything of value.  Bottles, cans, maybe the metals in an old computer.

So, the head of the movie studio was standing there with the actor and the actor, after looking at this scene for several minutes said, “Why is my life so hard?”  The head of the movie studio said, “Why, what happened?”  The actor said, “Well, I told the people handling the jet reservation that I use PlayStation but once I got on the plane they only had Nintendo.  So, on the ride over ,all I could do was watch old movies.”

The head of the studio looked at the actor, then again at the families collecting trash.  He thought, “What if I’m really like this guy but don’t know it?  What if I’m living a meaningless life and don’t realize it?”  He did not say anything to the actor.  He went back home, sold his house, cars, said goodbye to his wife, cashed in his stocks and bonds and moved to Cambodia.  He began opening hospitals and schools and clean water systems and paid for things like nitrogen and fertilizer so the farmers who raise more crops.  He never looked back, never had a doubt in his decisions.  Every day he laughs when he shares with others, cries when he can’t do enough or is stymied by roadblocks.  He said his life has more meaning in one second there than all the years he spent wallowing in luxury.

Ask yourself…what can I do to bring meaning into my life.

Let me give you some examples…

Suppose a homeless person is sitting on the ground.  Do you wait for him to ask for money or do you go over and give him some change?  Suppose you have no change.  You can go over, touch him on the shoulder and say, “I’m sorry you’re going through hard times my brother.  I don’t have any change today must I want you to know I love you and God loves you.”

You can set a night at your house to invite others where you can talk about a certain country or charity or cause and have everyone donate money to that cause.

You can all write to a congressperson, telling them what you believe in, what cause you want him or her to champion.

You can invite a charity to come speak at your house.  Gather friends of the event.

You can go to a food bank and donate your time.  You can shop for sandwiches and hand them out to homeless people.

You can do something besides think only of yourself and watch inane TV and be mesmerized by commercials and billboards.

You can get a life inside of being given one by the advertisers.


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