Mr. Obama did many things wrong in his presidency, but one thing he got right was seeking out world support whereas before, America acted alone (George Bush – Afghanistan and Iraq).  The job of protecting international norms and values fell on all countries because all countries befit when there is input and support from other nations.  Now comes Donald Trump who says he will reverse this.  Trump wants to make deals, not protect values and rights.  Striking deals is essential for diplomacy, especially given Russia, Iran and China.  A foreign policy that jumps from deal to deal without an overall strategy or anchored in a world, long term view, poses great risk.

One is using allies as bargaining chips.  Trump has already suggested offering China Taiwan in exchange for helping cut America’s trade deficit.

What if a deal leaves one country a loser seeking revenge?  How would Russia act against America?  If Russia walked into the Baltic States because Trump divests itself from NATO, would Trump press the button on the nukes?  If he prior actions and words are any indication, that becomes a real possibility.

The only hope this country has is to Impeach Trump before he drags us into a trade war that does the exact some thing as the Smoot–Hawley Act did in 1930: start a trade war that leads to depressions. That’s “De” pression, not “Re’ session.

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