As machines do more, answer our questions, tell us where and how to go, what to buy, who to date, we are losing the ability to digest information and decide for ourselves. We have already stopped communicating to a great degree. A tweet or a text or a fifty word e-mail is not the same as looking someone in the eye and smiling or grieving, or crying or empathizing. We are losing our ability to express our emotions, to carry on a long conversation…even to read or write.

In history past, the Romans delegated tasks to Greek slaves: building, writing, calculating. Before long, Roman lost their ability to think independently, leading to the downfall of the empire.

There is growing evidence that peoples’ reliance on GPs is leading to an inability to navigate, to remember and reason spatially.

Rather than deploying machines to free us to think big thoughts, exercise individuality, be creative, we delegate those tasks to smart phones, iPads, and PCs. We look to those devices for guidance. They serve up answers from who to date to arranging your marriage.

It is software engineers, AI researchers, robotists and hackers who are reshaping society while you get to press a button and see what THEY say.

You have to set aside your electronics; meet with people face to face, share your thoughts and feelings, be vigilant, remain aware of the dangers of depending ion technology.

It will be those who maintain the ability to think on their own that will remain indispensable to friends, family and society

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