Just a few months ago, the U.S. completed an agreement with Iran covering sanctions, nuclear weapon production, and frozen assets. That agreement took five countries and months of negotiations.’


Because of those efforts, President Hassan Rouhani and the liberal faction of the Iranian government gained more power than they had in the past twenty years.  The religious, ultra conservative fundamentalists, led by Ali Hosseini Khamenei the Grand Ayatollah, or Supreme Leader, of Iran, were in retreat


New, liberal, progressive programs were instituted.  The old guard was giving way to modernity and a capitalistic structure.


Iran was cooperating on bringing stability to the Middle East, acting in tandem with U.S. foreign policy.


Until…hard liners in America decided to hold back on promised concessions.  Iran was not about to enter SWIFT, the currency protocol that cleared transactions in dollars.  The U.S. did not unfreeze Iranian assets.  The U.S. did not allow businessmen to use their credit cards in Iran.  The U.S. bared U.S.businesses from completing deals with Iran.


And so the hardliners in Iran took back control.  The marginalized Rohani, they delved even deeper into Middle East war.  They reinforced Assad in Syria, sent troops and logical support to the Shia faction in Iraq.  Any gains America made were negated and the conflagration once again raged on.


This level of stupidity is beyond any rational explanation unless you realize that the U.S. government and military’s goal is more wars, more battles, grow more enemies.


This insanity will continue until the underlying political system is changed and I will tell you how we can accomplish that in my next book, coming out in ten days on Amazon:  “The Wizards of Oz.”

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