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The 11th book in the Paul Decker series “THE MOUTH OF ALLAH” is now available though Amazon. Following is a brief synopsis…

When the Arab Spring revolutions began in Tunisia and Egypt in January of 2011, the Western media sang the praises of the coming of democracy, pluralism, and capitalism. They, and the American government, ignored the clear signs that the winners in the overthrow of monarchies and dictatorships would be pro-sharia, Islamists, radical Jihadists. Less than three years later, the Middle East and Africa was in flames. Every change has brought bloody violence, ethnic cleansing, and the utter destruction of the infrastructure of the major cites as factions separated by military régimes were taken down.

In America, a new president was elected who promised to run an inclusive government. The people ignored his Muslim name and assumed by inclusive he meant the poor, disposed, and marginalized. However, U.S. President Sami Khory meant the integration of sharia law in America and an opening of the borders to his brethren who had been suppressed for centuries.

Now, the two greatest threats to peace and health are Ebola and IS: the Islamic State. The great countries of the world have joined forces in the war on IS, victory is seen as only a matter of time. But the world has, at every turn, underestimated IS. Their leadership consists of battle-hardened officers, trained by the U.S. and now equipped with the latest armaments. Their fold includes scientists, doctors, and researchers from a dozen different countries: men renowned for their acumen.

And while the world sits poised to hear word of the victories against IS and word of their final demise, IS has made plans for the final demise of the West. Jihadists from those self-same countries, willing to die in the cause, are now being sent to Africa, not to help in the fight against the spread of Ebola, but to allow themselves to be infected with the virus. Then, before their symptoms become apparent, they will return to their home countries and spread the contagion to as many people as possible before they themselves die.

All that stands between ultimate victory by ISIS and the Islamisizing of the West is Paul Decker and his small team of dedicated fighters and scientists.


With your purchase of my novel, and your good review, Amazon will “highlight” my book. Others will see the book and buy it. So, please…follow the steps listed below.

1) Go to “Amazon.” At the top of the page is a rectangular “search” box. Type in “The Mouth of Allah (or “Jeffry Weiss” – to see all my books). Click on the book title or the picture. The “purchase options” come up. A) Buy the Kindle version (e-book), B) Buy the paperback.
2) Kindle (e-book) is only $2.99.
3) Read the book.
4) Then go back to Amazon when you have an idea of what you would like to say. Type in “The Neanderthal Regression” just like you did the first time. Click on the cover picture. This time, scroll down the page until you come to “Customer Reviews”. There is a box that says, “Write a review.” Write the review (which hopefully you will already have thought about). It would be great if you felt strongly enough about the novel to click on “Star number 5.” Then you are finished. That’s it. Done.

Please talk to your friends and family about “The Mouth of Allah” It is an important book because few in the West realize the power or the agenda of ISIS.” Forward this e-mail to anyone you know who might be interested.

Jeffry Weiss

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